Thursday, August 5, 2010

seven bananas

thinking about those wind chimes

We were out on the patio this afternoon, trying to keep our stunt baby safe while he did stunts. (Trying, anyway.)

Lydia was there and the conversation veered off as it will when she's involved. She was talking about at time she drank too much diet Coke when I was gone and the others told her she might die.


Then Maria brought up the time she ate seven bananas. "Why? Why would you do this?" I asked.

"I was little."

Little? What the heck? That's a reason to eat SEVEN bananas?

Then she told us how one of James' friends says he feels sorry for Maria's kids someday.

Maria's a no nonsense sort of person. Nonsense annoys her. She gets after the little kids sometimes and honestly, she's usually right. But she also could lighten up. This makes her sigh loudly and look even more annoyed.

Kari defended her. "I don't feel sorry for your kids. They will LEARN..." and cracked the dishtowel against the edge of the table.

Ack! Maria and I both jumped. Maria yelled, "That is UNTRUE! I am not going to be mean to my kids!"

Of course not.

Oh, and b.g. He tried to stand up, putting his hands on the edge of the bed of a Tonka truck. The dumper flew up and conked him right in the head. He looked startled, and then his little face crumpled.

that's the nasty dump truck behind him. we moved it way over by the fence.

We rocked for a while, and he got back down. Then he found some leaves with a wad of dog hair stuck to them and tried to shove it all in his mouth. I got it out of there and as I was flinging it away, he did a little move and bonked the other side of his noggin on the patio. More tears. A bit of milk and a bunch of rocking.

He got down and crawled across the patio to a big bin full of balls, leaned on it, and it tipped over. He fell backward, a slow motion fall, so nothing serious, but another little bonk and he was MAD. This happens when he's tired. He gets klutzy and then gets really frustrated with it.

In between these stunts, he dug in the sand though, and he loves to watch the wind chimes in the tree over the sandbox.

After that we went inside and rocked in the house. Seemed safer. This patio was way too treacherous today--too much fun for us to handle.

Now he's gone home, and is probably sound asleep. The spaghetti is almost ready. Happy Thursday. love, Val

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  1. What an adorable story :0) Thank you. My heart needed just this kind of sweetness today!