Monday, August 16, 2010

a sweet birthday

Last night t.c. slept over, in celebration of Tim's birthday. We had a quiet night last night, and a very fun day today--lots of legos, a lot of fun.

I took them grocery shopping this afternoon to get a few things for supper. The store has these horrible little carts that say, "Shopper in Training." Unh. I must have been hit in the ankles at least ten times.

Even though I thought really bad language, I never said it out loud, make that known. Maria said my face said it all though, as I leaned on the shelves, clutching my ankles while they apologized. "You goldarn kids. Watch where you're going!"

But whatever. It was a mere 45 minutes of my life and it's over.

Tonight we had a sweet little party for a really sweet kid.

lego time in the side basement

little jay and that cute kid he hangs around with

happy birthday, dear tim-o-theeeee

happy birthday to you

Best wishes for a great year ahead, T. We could not love you more. Thanks for being our kid. love, Mom and Dad

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