Thursday, August 12, 2010

come on, cool air

Today we had little b.g. and he had a fever, so it was a quiet day. He and I slept on the couch for a couple hours this morning--did that ever feel good.

And it's so sweet to wake up next to a baby who is happy to see you. I'm as brown as an old witch after all the afternoons in the beating sun at the little pool, and this heat does something terrible to my hair. No matter what I do with it, in an hour I look like Phyllis Diller again. Sigh. b.g. doesn't care. He reached for my face, gave kissy cuddles.

He grinned and talked for a long time before the other kids woke up and found him to come and play.

Later he was feverish again and spent time in the pouch. Usually he doesn't want to be carried around that much. He's got stuff to do. But today he did, and this is the thing--I have to watch him because every now and then he sets his sharp little teeth into my shoulder. Owww! Don't bite me! He smiles. I don't really care. It's not like he's drawing blood.

In the afternoon, he took another long nap on the couch in the family room, arms over his head, the fan softly blowing from across the room. I have a port-a-crib, and his parents have provided us with a pack-and-play, and yet he sleeps so well on the couch, even with the TV on and people around. Plus it's so easy to keep an eye on him there. It seems like noises (okay, SIDNEY BARKING) don't wake him up there either. I know it's not correct though. I mean, the couch? It just seems wrong.

that flowered pillow is jay's. he always seems to end up with his grandpa's pillow

My mom took Tim birthday shopping today. (Okay, this is like the best day of Tim's whole year. He was so excited.) When I told Tim about this, Little Jay thought I was talking to him. "Grandma's coming to take me shopping? What for?" But the way his face lit up made me laugh. I told him I was talking to Tim and he said, "I wondered! She gave me money for school, and now she's taking me on some mysterious shopping trip too?"

I teased him, "But you liked the idea, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I know! I did."

Oh my mother, she dotes on them.

tim and t.c. at the little pool yesterday

So know we've got two friends sleeping over, and another one here for the evening. And Heidi's dog turned up here to be babysat. Jay's working late, and I'm going to go make some dip and some sandwiches, feed these people supper. It's still terribly hot and sticky, but storms are on their way, whew. love, Val

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