Saturday, April 4, 2015

a friday at the lake

 Two weeks ago it was still frozen, but not anymore

 Here's the lagoon at the resort next door, also thawed now:

 Julia noticed a snake hiding in the leaves:

And then we came home and got busy with this.

At first Jay tried to boil the eggs in an aluminum pan, but it specifically says no aluminum.  I googled to find out what would happen, but there wasn't a specific answer, just don't.

Okay, then.

Heather came too, and we left the dye in cups for James when he gets home from work and for Julia, who is off on an adventure with Suzanne, her prayer partner.

Suzanne took her to Macy's Flower Show, and for supper, and then at 8pm to the theater to see a play--Anne of Green Gables.

Julia was very excited.
And tomorrow is Easter.

love always, Val

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