Tuesday, April 21, 2015

look who is three!

 Three years ago we were up at the cabin, waiting for updates on your arrival.

 In three years you have grown so much, and you are one of those guys who is smiling all the time:

Ear to ear grin, scrunched up eyes.

Just our best guy.
There's a frown.

And you do have those screams that could shatter glass.  I've heard them a couple times, even marveled to your mother how could a sound like that come out of such tiny vocal cords?

Here you are, right in the middle:

Which is exactly where you belong, right in the middle of this whole huge family who loves you so incredibly much.

There's nobody else who could ever be you.

Happy Birthday, Buddy.

This whole family is lucky having you.

love Grandma, and Grandpa and Everybody

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