Saturday, April 25, 2015

saturday in april

 Dan texted me this morning, offering to come over and help with our computer problems.  (That's a picture of him and Grandpa and the little guy in the plumbing office.)

I'm not saying no to that offer no matter what.

We had issues.

They are now resolved.  Already tonight, this was transformational.  A task that would have taken me probably 90 minutes before--not exaggerating--took two clicks tonight.

Praise God.

Daniel?  I love you.  (But I know you already knew that.)

Today I was not a stupid idiot. I found my camera and took at least a couple pictures of this incredibly brief moment.

This is our sweet little girl sleeping on her Aunt Kirsten.

 Grandpa gets too hot in the house and he has energy too, so these guys were happy out in the yard.

These are pictures he took with his phone, and they're great.

 Oh, Mr. Luminous, you little character.

How we love you.

We're in the last week of April, and what a fine month it' has been.

love forever, Val

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