Tuesday, April 7, 2015


It's been a long time we've known each other.  Fifteen years?

 You once were a young squirrel.

 Possibly even the nuttiest one.

You were a very entertaining child, creative, off-beat, hilarious.

 And then you became civilized and appropriate, but every once in a while that craziness comes peeping out again around the edges.
 Thank goodness.  I would never want you to leave that behind.

This has been an interesting year of growing up, going to school, seeing life move from one stage to another.

I hope the next year is even better.

Thank you for being our girl.   In the whole world, there's never been anyone like you and this whole big loud family is better because you're in it.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

Love forever, MOM and DAD and  EVERYBODY

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