Friday, April 24, 2015

the musical program

 It was a great program, a Sweetie singing.  His brothers and sister and parents were there too, and a cousin and an aunt and uncle.

We had fun.
 They sang crazy sons like On Top of Spaghetti.

 It was a great day.
After this program we went back over to their house for a while, and then met up with Alicia for lunch and some playtime for the cousins.

And I took zero pictures.  The camera was there, never touched, and that's just plain stupid because these baby girls are growing and changing and another chance to take pictures of sweet babies and funny children goes by in an instant.

The little girls are cooing and smiling now and just like when the little boys were born a couple years ago, John and Dannell's kids look nothing like Dan and Alicia's--they look entirely different, but are both so damned adorable.

So anyway, babies were hugged, kids pushed the boundaries, we laughed a lot.  It was a very great Friday.

I have stolen pictures from others who actually took some:

 Isn't that a great picture?

Then Kirsten took this picture of the doorway at my parents house last week at the birthday party:


And these cute people--they're getting ready for prom. The tuxedo was reserved last night and we saw pictures of her dress, very beautiful.


Life is nothing but good.

Love you all always, Val

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