Friday, April 10, 2015

april friday

 We went shopping today and p.j. picked out that Batman t shirt, and Julia wanted some new summer clothes.   They're looking cute.  Too bad I didn't get their summer shoes in the picture.

Then when Jay came home, he tackled the front steps.  

They cracked all to pieces over the winter.  It's old, and this winter things went bad.

Tim helped, and James pitched in a little.

 He mixed up and poured fourteen 60 pound bags, and one 80 pound bag.  He has a  thing that attaches to the drill, kind of like a hand mixer and stirs it up.

 Still, that's a lot of cement to haul by hand and pour.  It's looking great now.

 I don't know who took this picture of Sidney, but that's the end of Friday.

Yesterday Alicia was here and brought lunch and I never took a single picture.  The kids were adorable and funny and yup, nada.

Tomorrow is going to be almost 70 degrees and sunny.

April?  Thanks for being a buddy.

love, Val

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