Monday, April 6, 2015

easter, 2015

 Church was beautiful, the message inspiring.

Easter is my sister's holiday, so we went to their house for dinner and the afternoon.

John's family posed for a family picture.
That circle in the middle is where the trampoline used to be. Sadly, it fell apart over time and has been removed.


It's been over a decade that time and weather wore it out.

These are pictures taken in the upstairs family room.

My sister has such an enormous house that she has a main floor family room and an upstairs one.

My brother's wife snuggling John's baby:


Desi cuddling Dan and  Alicia's baby:

Easter egg hunt!

My mom and Dan and Alicia's little girl:


The famous Toy Closet!

These are from today, an auntie and a niece:

Cousins in the stairway:
Back to Easter:

Good night.

Pam, thanks for another spectacular Easter celebration at your house.

2015 so far has not disappointed.

love forever, Val

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